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Custom Fields: Is it OK to have duplicate item codes for List Items?

Hello Community,


I am setting up Concur Expense and I am entering in Custom Fields with List Items. I have 3 custom fields for Department, Program, and Project. Each of them will have List Items unique to that field. I am using the import data function. Are there any negative impacts if I have duplicate item codes? See examples below. I am concerned because I am using NetSuite (our integration is still pending). I am using the Internal ID (NetSuite field) as my Item Code. The internal ID is unique to that specific custom field and is not considered a duplicate in NetSuite. Is this going to cause any issues?


DepartmentItem Code
Department 1101
Department 2102
Department 3103
ProgramItem Code
Program 1101
Program 2102
Program 3103
ProjectItem Code
Project 1101
Project 2102
Project 3103


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Hi @rmartin1 


If the combination of Custom Field Number and Item Code is unique (as it looks from your example) then I wouldn't expect Concur to have an issue with it.


We have the same Item Code appearing multiple times in our company hierarchy, at the same level, without issue. E.g.

Our hierarchy is Entity -> Business Unit -> Cost Centre and the same Cost Centre and Business Unit can appear under multiple Entities