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Credit card transactions coming up as 'Cash'


I use ExpenseIt to capture my receipts once I have made a purchase using my company credit card. Recently I noticed that I had two entries for the same transaction for some printing. One was for the printing with the vendors name, correct amount (£14), correct location but without the receipt image attached. Below this I have a transaction listed as 'Cash' for the same amount (£14), but listed as 'Taxi' and the source as 'Mobile, Alabama'


Did I do something wrong? Normally all my receipts logged using ExpenseIt match up with with the correct transactions, but sometimes I've noticed this second transaction listed as 'Cash' for the same transaction appears. Stupidly, I didn't check my expenses thoroughly and I submitted a claim last month with one of these 'Cash' additional transactions contained with in it. If it wasn't for my manager spotting the 'Mobile, Alabama' reference in the location field, my company may have incorrectly paid me personally for something I never paid for. Thankfully her diligence prevented this situation from occurring.


Can you let me know how to prevent this additional 'Cash' line from being generated in my expense listings again?

Frequent Member - Level 1

With ExpenseIt and a company credit card you will always have 2 transactions - 1 created by ExpenseIt with the receipt image, and 1 for the corporate card transaction.  Concur will attempt to match the transactions automatically and when that happens you'll only see 1 transaction.


I expect in this case ExpenseIt has misread something during receipt capture resulting in the incorrect location - this is the 'Cash' transaction you're seeing.  I also expect that the mismatch between location currency (USD) and your home currency (GBP) meant that Concur couldn't match the two transactions automatically.  You may have to correct the location before you're able to manually combine the two transactions.