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Credit card transaction not posted in Concur account


I recently moved from IBM to Kyndryl account. I updated my Kyndryl Concur profile with new credit card information and traveled using new card. When I reserved air, hotel, and car via concur my credit card was charged (that means integration is in place) but final payment is not being updated in Concur, all charges are sitting as “pending” in Concur which on card those charges are in "posted" state, other charges which I made on credit card (like cab) are not showing up in concur either. I can’t submit my travel expenses and they are pilling up on credit card. Charges are about 2 weeks old now, I guess I waited enough. Please help

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sfaisal adding your credit card for Air, Car and Hotel does not make transactions flow into SAP Concur. Adding your card was on the Travel side of things. Your card needs to be assigned to you on the Expense side of things for those transactions to flow into SAP Concur. 


When you moved over to Kyndryl, who helped you onboard? You will probably need to contact someone in Finance, Accounting or Payroll/HR about this. They are usually the departments in charge of assigning corporate cards and linking them to your profile. 


If you aren't able to contact anyone in those departments, let me know.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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