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New Member - Level 1

Credit card charge not showing in concur

I booked a hotel through Concur and paid for it using my registered corporate card at the hotel reception as normal.  The credit card charge has gone through to the corporate credit card statement as normal, but the charge has not appeared as an expense on concur.  I am therefore unable to raise a claim and clear it. The credit card charge went through to the credit card company 3 days ago so this should have appeared in concur by now.  


Advice/assistance would be welcome?




Routine Member - Level 1

Hi @nick904 


What I do in this case is the following:

  1. Check cc transactions in WEB
    • Go to Concur Web.
    • Go to Expenses.
    • Go to Transactions (upper part)
    • Filter by month/year
    • Check if the missing transaction is there and is not already assigned to an expense (created by expense assistant).
  2. Check if the cc charge is hidden
    • In this case you should contact you Concur Admin to check and unhide if needed. 
  3. Check if you have a new cc
    • In this case you should contact you Concur Admin to check and assign the CC to you user.
  4. Check if something is wrong with your cc provider or bank
    • Sometimes there is a delay, so it takes more days than we expect, In my company we noticed that sometimes it takes up to 5 days.
    • Your Concur Admin could contact the cc provider or bank and check if there is an issue.


Hope it helps

New Member - Level 1

Thats really helpful, thanks.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

@nick904 also, I tell people that card charges usually appear within three days, but sometimes it does take a little longer. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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