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Credit Cards Importing "No Vendor Supplied"


Our credit card information feeds directly into Concur and we have noticed transactions from known vendors (Uber, airlines etc.) coming in as No Vendor Provided. We have an open case with Concur that has been being looked into for 2 weeks, but I wondered if anyone else has been having a similar issue? We've noticed it seems more likely to happen with expenses using the "Expense Assistant" because once deleted from the report and back under Available Expenses the vendor suddenly loads. 

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Hi @CamilleMK,

This happened to us in June/July. It occurred with Uber and a few airlines. Concur's investigation returned "I think it can be a glitch, as we've found similar issues in other customers that were solved by removing the effect entry and adding it back to the report.. could've happened by an instability in the server". 

They recommended if we ever saw this again to not approve the approve, return to the employee and have them delete from the report and re-add. 

I hope this helps, or at least assures you that this has happened to others.


Travel and Expense System Administrator
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We are have the same issue. In this case, Southwest Airlines.

It usually works fine, but we are seeing the field blank from time to time.

Did they "Fix the Glitch"? 

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Hi David! 

We had an open case with Concur regarding this and no answer was ever found for us.

We blocked Expense Assistant for our employees and it happens a lot less frequently now.