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Credit Card Transactions not showing for Delegate

I am a delegate for my CEO to complete his expense reports, but I can't see his transactions unless a receipt is uploaded.  I haven't had this problem before and I've been his delegate for 10 years now, but we recently moved into a new concur system. They are transactions on his personal card, but it is the personal card he uses for all business expenses.  I usually use the transactions to be able to find the correct receipts and add them to the report.  In his settings he has all the permissions selected for me to be able to do his reports for him.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@katienottingham question for you...previously, were you signing in to SAP Concur using the CEOs credentials? My thought is that since we incorporated Two-factor authentication, you are now signing in to your own profile, then switching from your profile to his. Is that correct? 


I'll await your reply then go from there. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hello Kevin,

No I've been using the delegate side for quite a while now.  We did just move to a new company so I know the concur settings are different.  But I was able to see his card transactions before.

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Either way, is there any setting that can be adjusted so that I can view his personal card transactions? If not, this is a huge miss on concur's part because I can't do my job without signing into his account.... which is exactly what concur is trying to fix the need for.  

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Do you maybe need to assign the card feed to his account again?? I'm thinking it might have been unassigned/skipped when you transitioned to the new company's settings.

If you're an admin, you can check via Administration > Company > Tools > Company Card and then try searching for his card information to see if it's unassigned or associated with a different account. 

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Thanks for you response, but the problem is that it is his personal card transactions that aren't showing up. He doesn't use the company card, he puts all his travel on his personal.

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Hi @katienottingham 


I found this Knowledge Article in the Concur Support portal.  It is a system design to hide personal card transactions from proxies/delegates unless the user has added them to an expense report.  This makes sense to protect people's non-business transactions on their personal card from being automatically visible.



I would also suggest it is bad practice/policy for the CEO to use his personal card for business spending when they have access to a corporate card.  Presumably they're doing this for the personal benefits (card points, frequent flyer etc)?