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Credit Card Feeds Assigned to multiple payment types but post to ERP broken out to different GLs

I've been asked by an internal team to find out if we can change our setup for our card feeds. Currently we have a 1:1 mapping of 1 card feed per payment type once it comes into Concur and those are mapped to 1 GL account in our ERP. We use FIS to post all expense reports into our ERP which hit the correct accounts based on this payment type mapping.

The ask was if we could just create 1 card feed for a new card vendor that would hold multiple credit card program payment  types 10-20 and then use the Subsidiary of the employee on the expense report header to determine the posting into the ERP via FIS/ Connector. The said it was done like this at there pervious company  but didn't give me additional details. My assumption was that there past company used an SAE extract and not an integration to post expense reports so that they could determine the postings into the ERP correctly in a template.

Also i was concerned with this model if using Concur reporting was messy  for there accoutning team- as for accruals they would likely want the breakdown of the different subsidiary programs types  ( payment types) for reporting purposes. 


Is anyone here doing this today 1 -2 feeds based on region, then having an integrating that posts the transactions as expense reports against the correct GL accounts in your ERP? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@vsaqer I asked a colleague about this and here is what she said, "It is possible via manual maintenance.  I would never recommend it because if they have employee ids in the feed they will automatically be mapped to the payment type associated with the feed. 


So they would have to remove emp ids from the feed and manually assign the cards and change the payment type if needed.


To clarify something she said, you can only associate one payment type to a feed when setting up the feed. That's why there is the manual maintenance to be done. When the card feed imports for the first time, the assigned payment type for that card and user will be the one selected at the time of the feed set up. 

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Yes I’m aware of that manual manipulation for multiple payment types to 1 feed but what I was trying to get at was what if we decided to have 1 payment type befor the 1 feed how would the data then be manipulated at the integration level when it hits the ERP? Is anyone doing that today where they have 1 feed to 1 payment type but split out the spend based on employee subsidiary when it hits the ERP to different accounts based on the expense report header info.