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Cost object approval import



in our configuration we use the cost object approval workflow, that is imported via record 710, but when we need to change the cost object approver for a existing cost object  is mandatory to upload the record 760 (in order to delete the old approver)? Or we can upload the record 710 with the record 100 setted as REPLACE?

Actually we are working with the record 100 (WITH REPLACE) + 710 but the result is a double approver for one cost object (the old one and the new one)


Thanks in advance 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@ITALOBELMATT I sent your question to a colleague. Here is his response:


Importing a 710 with a new person as the COA approver will update the record for the existing person.  It will just add the new person.  If they have a lot of changes to be made, I would import the 760 and then the 710 as a normal import.  Remove the original approver and then add the new approver.  If they don’t have many to change, I would do it in the UI and not run the imports.


I hope this helps.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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