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Cost Center Issue

I am unable to change the cost center when completing an expense.  The drop down shows most common IDs I have used, otherwise I cannot find the cost center I am trying to charge to.

Super User
Super User

Hi, amyd!

Cost Centers in Concur are located in a list that is maintained by your Accounting department.  You should contact your local Concur administrator and find out why the cost center you need does not appear in the dropdown list.  Perhaps is by design that the cost center does not allow allocation against their budget. 

I hope this helps. 


Maria Steen
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I am having the same issue.  I created a case in Concur.  Was provided a list of instructions to follow but they do not work.  The Cost center I want to allocate an expense to does not show up on my list.
How do I find my local Concur administrator to get the cost center added?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@annhannan sending you a private message here on the community with a name. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks Kevin.  I will follow up with the name you provided.


Earlier, I created a 2nd concur Ticket/Case "Cost Center missing") because I was receiving the same instructions related to the first case over and over again (unable to allocate expense).  A short time ago, I was able to engage in support Chat with a Concur person.  The solution apparently is this:  if the Cost Center is not on your list/drop down menus, then you need to contact HR to get it added.  Here is the detail I was provided:

According to your company's documents, you will need to contact your HR to have the allocation codes loaded into your profile so that it appears on the drop-down list.  Here is the instruction set by TE:

    • What should be done if a user finds their Approving Manager or Cost Center is incorrect in the Concur system?
    • User to contact their H/R representative (aka HR business partner) because the Manager and Cost Center is loaded into the system automatically from HR Master Data.
    • Any changes made in SAP HR data will be fed and updated overnight into Concur.
    • You need HR to update your cost center codes.


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Update 9/29/2022

I have 2 updates to share since my last update:

(1) I received a response from HR- details below:

You should confer with your Finance partner to ensure you have the correct cost centers for you.  Once you have done that, you should open and AskHR ticket requesting that you be given access.  It may help to attach the email from your Finance partner with the approval for cost center access.

(2) I received an additional response to my inquiry about allocating expense to a Cost center:  Contact for support.  I contacted and below are the details of their feedback:

Please note that you can only allocate expenses that belong to your legal entity. If you tried to allocate an expense to a cost center that belongs to another legal entity the system will not allow it.
You would need to let the Concur cost post to your cost center and then have your finance team make an intercompany debit note to move the costs.


So...this is my understanding of how it works:

(1) If there is a Cost Center associated with your legal entity but it does not appear in your "Drop down" menu for allocating expenses, then HR may be able to help as explained above, but I think it might be best to contact  first.

(2) If the Cost Center is NOT associated with your legal entity, then go proceed with submitting your expense report against your Cost Center, and then contact your local Finance person, and ask that they arrange for the expense to be re-allocated.  It is advised to have some form of documentation you can provide to Finance to show that the "other" cost center will accept the expense.


In my situation, I have a P Card that is associated to my Managers Cost center legal entity, but he has employees that are associated with different legal entities.  This is the root of my problem.

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Hi, I'm having the same issue.  I'm trying to assign a cost center to an employee, but having a hard time doing so.  Can someone please help