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Corporate Cards paid by company but there are personal charges

We have a situation in our APAC region for corporate cards that are settled by the company but contain personal expenses which do not flow thru our financial system since they are marked personal on the expense report.  The personal claims are still paid by the company first and then internally we will recover those personal amounts from the employee so we need a way to have those personal items passed thru our financial system but done of the payment type options allow that.


Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
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Which credit card model is used? In my previous project for CBCP credit card model in middleware mapping for SAE file we built a rule saying that non-reimbursable expense should be posted like this:


D Employee Vendor account

C clearing account


D clearing account

C Credit card provider 


That way we always knew how much employee have to pay back while still posting the right amount on credit card provider vendor for recconciliation.





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Hey Thomas,


May I ask, are personal expenses being captured for other regions in the ERP (G/L)? If so, It sounds like there is an issue with the "extract file" from Concur into your G/L system - maybe not configured correctly to capture the personal expenses for that region. I suggest reaching out to your Concur/SAP account manager/Analytics team for them to review the extract file...

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Hi @tstagliano ,


For CBCP personal expenses, we have created an expense type called "Personal Expenses", which is mapped to a Clearing Account GL instead of an P&L account, and got rid of the "Personal Expenses" flag on the Entry Level. With this workaround, we managed to post the Personal Expenses (we use the ICS connector to SAP so no manual intervention is needed):


Dr: Employee Clearing account

Cr: Credit Card Clearing Account


The employee then let the Payroll team know about it and the amount is deducted from the employee's next salary pay, which then clears it out.


That was the only way we found to get Personal Expenses paid through CBCP posted to our ERP.


I hope this helps you.




Juliano Martins

Juliano Martins
Enterprise Systems Specialist - GenesisCare