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Constant issues with server errors on claim submissions and unreliable Two-Factor Authentication

Are any other businesses having issues with claim submissions being denied by server errors messages, these claims are within policy and in some instances only show amber warning messages, we are being swamped by employee complaints around the system and SAP seem to want to shift the blame on to everybody but themselves and aren't helpful. 


Also is anybody finding the SAP 2FA process extremely long winded and unnecessary? In some cases refuses to work (despite me physically trying to complete this for our employees).


Community Manager
Community Manager

@jacksongaudie for your first issue, has this been happening over a period of time or was it just today? I see your post was made eight hours ago? Also, do you have a screenshot of the error?


For the second item...could you provide details on what "refuses to work" means exactly. Our 2FA was put in place back in October, so are these new employees trying to get set up or just very infrequent users? Are they not able to download the authenticator app or not able to get their account added to the authenticator app. 


Any details you can provide will be very helpful. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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