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New Member - Level 1

Conference attendance data

Hi, I work in product strategy for a F500 company and am hoping to gain insight into all conferences/external events attended by employees company wide. The company has many different departments and business units, and we're hoping to gain a more holistic view of events being attended given this isn't currently tracked for events we don't sponsor.


I thought obtaining data from Concur would be the best approach, as the platform acts as the only de facto organization-wide forcing functions (at least that we’re aware of) which requires all event attendees to input, classify, and report their attendance in one place (assuming the event has a registration fee or requires travel).


What would be the best way to go about obtaining this data from Concur's reporting function? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Routine Member - Level 3

If you have an expense type Meetings/conference, you could pull an expense type report and filter on that expense type.  It works for us.