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Conditional Expense Workflow Change

We are looking to add a step into our expense workflow to have expenses entered greater than 180 days be sent to a specific approver and to also have that step skipped if that condition is not met?  Anyone have expereince creating such a condition?

Thank you

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
Occasional Member - Level 3

Yes, we have set up a special workflow for all user groups and policies, where if an expense Item in an Expense Report is greater than 180 or 360 days old, such an expense report must workflow to the controller for additional approval after the Hierarchy Manager approves. When such an item is entered in an expense report it automatically flags that item with a yellow flag with a comment " Expenses submitted for reimbursement more than 180 days after having been incurred will require the approval of the Controller. 


Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Thomas,

We also have this workflow set up. Ours forwards to our CFO if there are expenses greater than 90-days old. You should be able to accomplish this by submitting a case. A couple words of caution:

  1. For some reason our CFO also gets expenses that are future dated. It isn't what we intended, but it must be the way the rule was set up. So, be clear when you put in your request.
  2. You will need to submit a new ticket if the person who has been inserted to be the final approver on old expenses changes. In our experience, this is not a change that can be made by us.

Good Luck!

Dana French


Routine Member - Level 2

We do not have this in our workflow but we do have an audit rule set up for cash expenses older than 6 months.  (Ours go to the audit queue).  We used to have that future dated issue. Concur support recently fixed that by adding this condition.   This condition makes no sense to me - but it works.  

Entry Transaction Date Not Within Today + 10000

We added a seperate audit rule specifically for future dated expenses asking the employee to correct the date.

Entry Transaction Date Within Today + 10000


Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense