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Concur user data inmport

Hi :


We have about 2000 users in concur data base. We want to change cost centers and vendor ID in  in each of their profile.  Is there a way I can  do it in batch? Is there any import program that I can use to change data for about 2000 exiting users in concur?

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We do a weekly import to update Concur user profiles using the 305 record type - Enhanced Employee Importer. There's a Concur training PDF available here that outlines the process and all the different import data types (to access, you need to be logged into Concur > Help > Expense Administration Help)

You might want to reach out to your CSM or Concur Support for the import template file specific to your account. We already had our import template file established when I took over the task, so I'm not sure where exactly it originated from. 




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Where could I download this template? Thanks in advance

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Super User


Go to Concur Training and look for the Admin Toolkit.  Download the tool kit to unlock the template.  Also, check out the link provided AHarbert above.

Your company's Concur administrator should be able to help you with creating the template and running it. 
I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen
Community Manager
Community Manager

@haryshankar here you go: Try this link: Once you unzip it, open the Headers and other tools folder. In here you will see the .xlsx for the Employee Import. The import is one file with several tabs on it. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hello @haryshankar and community, 

There is also an on-demand template within Admin > Company > Company Admin > User Administration > Import Users > User Import Information link that might be more user friendly. This on-demand can be downloaded and edited removing columns not needed to only include the Employee ID in Column A, and what fields to update in Columns B, C, D (e.g., Cost Centers to assign in Column B, and new Vendor ID in Column C). While I was not able to find a max record count, the on-demand could be broken into multiple files if the max is exceeded. Might I suggest starting with a small data sample to work out any errors.