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Concur should import embedded images and size them appropriately

Now that IOS 15 embeds images and has removed the ability to attach them singularly, I tried to download to the PC and then upload to SAP.  But since there is no low resolution photo option anymore, many of the photos are too large for SAP to handle.  Therefore, my process is to download images, attach them to Outlook, resize them, save them, and upload to SAP,  With the old attachment method, you could choose a lower resolution for emails.


Is my current process simple, or ridiculous?  Or am I that far behind technology?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@TSnyder are you emailing your receipts to SAP Concur? I just took a photo from my phone's album and used the Share option and selected Mail. The image was embedded, but when I clicked the Send button, it gave me the option to choose smaller image sizes. 


The other option is to use the SAP Concur mobile app and attach photos of receipts from your phone directly to expense entries.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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