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Concur not correctly updating out of pocket to a card purchase...

Card charges that initially appear as "out of pocket" within Concur typically convert to Corporate card charges later when the "pending" purchase officially posts to the card and the SAP system queries and finds the updated transaction. Occasionally, the system does not update and the expense remains classified as an out of pocket purchase in Concur. I had this happen and in order to get the expenses submitted before the 30 day window, I went ahead and sent in the report with comments and attachments that backed up the issue. The company paid me directly for that expense anyhow, and then the charge converted to a corporate card charge and landed in the expense inbox unpaid. So now I have money in my pocket that should have gone to pay the card expense and I have an expense charge that needs reconciliation. How do I pay the funds back to the company that were incorrectly paid to me?