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Concur drive app

hi all, 


we are deciding wheather is it worth getting the concur drive app. 

do you think its a good investment? is it worth the money? what about customer satisfaction? 


we have so many questions but one of the common ones is;


lets say we use the "auto capture" setting. 


location A is my starting destination

location B is my stoping destination

location C is my home


if i start from A and was supposed to go straight to B, and on the way, i got a call from the wifey the house is on fire, and had to made a U turn to go to location C. 


so now my extra stop is location C. 

question - will the app then create an expense based on location A to C, even though this is considered a personal trip? 


and after i put out the fire, and then start my trip again from C to B. once i have arrived, will the app create a new expense again? 


how can i combine to two separate trips to one business trip? which is from A to B?