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Occasional Member - Level 1

Concur and SAP Integration Issue

Hi everyone,

I am new to Concur and I am in charge of the user support.

We have the following recurring issues:

- Expense reports sent for payment by Concur are blocked / cannot be posted in SAP
- Expense reports sent for payment cannot be found in SAP

At present, I have identified two causes:

- Tax rates and/or tax amounts were changed manually by an accountant (causing a mismatch with the tax code that remains unchanged)
- Invalid values in the expense reports (e.g. Vendor ID=TBC or ZZZ...)

Could you please give me other possible causes? That will help me to further investigate.

Thanks in advance. Regards.

Routine Member - Level 1

if you are paying the employee as a vendor, check to see if they are set up as a vendor or if their vendor is blocked.

Also, check GL data (are GLs you are posting to blocked? Are the cost centers blocked? Profit centers?)