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Concur alert escalated without reason?

Dear colleagues, 
This is my first time posting in this Community, and I thank you in advance for any clues. 

I am delegate to my manager's Concur for travel and expenses. I regularly check they have no pending transactions or expense reports to review (specially now, after the holiday period). 

Everything was clear on their side and suddenly during this weekend, the message "Final Reminder: Outstanding Credit Card Transactions" was automatically sent to them + their line manager. I double checked today and the credit card transactions are still clear. 

Could anyone please let me know if this can happen by mistake/ is there anything I might have overlooked/ happened to anyone else?

Thanks a lot and have a nice dya!

Super User
Super User

Hello @A_M_Rivero ,


Welcome to the forum.


Strange that you get a final reminder for card transactions when you cannot see any. I assume the email also does not list the overdue transactions.


Is it possible that there is a report containing old card transactions that have not been submitted? If not, it is likely a system glitch. I would raise a support case with your internal Concur support team / administrator. They should be able to advise more/ fix the reminder.


Hope this helps.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks a lot for your quick reply! 
Indeed it is very strange as the final alert usually comes after another two and this was kind of out of the blue. 


I will double check for older reports just in case. 


Thanks a lot!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@A_M_Rivero I'm not sure if you saw my previous reply or not, but I'm amending it. I looked at all five of your delegates and three of them have expense reports with Company Card Transactions on them that are unsubmitted. This is why they are receiving the message.


You will need to sign in to your account, switch to their profile, then look in the Open Reports section of the home screen. You will see that there are reports sitting there that have not been submitted.


Also, some of the transactions date back to 2022.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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