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Concur Reporting - running large data



I created a query by joining 2 queries to get the list of card transactions assigned to report but not submitted and send back to user. from this query, created a cross tab report to get the count of transactions based on countries.


now the issues is, we have mpre than 200K transactions in concur in above status. But report is not running as expected, report is still running for more than 2hrs returns no data.


Please confirm if we have any easy way to get the count of card transactions which are assigned to an expense report and the expense report is not submitted and send back to employee.


Note: i have the similar cross tab report to get teh count of unassigend card transaction based on country, which takes 30 mins to run and got the expected data.

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dear @Karthikhemadri 

this sounds indeed frustrating and I had a similar problem in a company I worked more than 10 years ago. As curiousity the same problem didn't happen to my colleagues in the HQ in US. At that time it was told me by support that was because there was a "double downloading" which was first run in the US than trasfer to EMEA. As I am not an IT/IS expert I let it run by my colleagues in the US and didn't ask further.


Just wonder, are you working for the Company HQ?


Either way yes or no, I would raise the question to Concur support, and if you have the Cognos design reporting on your Company's contract, ask them to review your report explaining what you are trying to achieve. I would believe that shouldn't be a problem in 2021 getting easily enough a report even if it contains 200K lines.


Please let me/us know, so we see in future how to handles safely those queries in future. Thank you.


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari



thanj you for your reply here.

yes, i'm workign for HQ where we have 90+countries impelemnted for concur whihc may be the reason for more data.


i have raised it with our concur support team, wiaitng for them to reply on this.


Once i got the details , will share it with you.

@Karthikhemadri Cognos reporting has a maximum of 250k lines of data, hence the report is "stuck". 


You may need to make a copy of the report and then filter something on each copy to limit the amount of data returned. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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@KevinD thank you.


But i'm not running complete data to get the report. where as i need only the count of transactions country wise based on joining 2 queries.


query 1 has headers of card transactions as emp ID card type transactions status card transaction key

Query 2 has report name, status, expense type date amount. from card?, card transaction key.


joining teh above 2 queries with card transaction keyand created query3 with Card transaction key transaction status employee id report name report status date amount.


status is filtered as status in ('not submitted', 'send back to employee')


with the use of query 3 created crosstab report, 

Row - Employee ID

Column - Transaction status (assigned or unassigned)

inserted query calculation as count(card transaction Key)


even i'm running to get teh count which is takign too much time and never got the data i expected.


request your analysis on this.