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Concur Reimbursement Solutions - outside of Expense Pay



With Classic Pay being discontinued in 2022 and the only option available with Expense Pay is through Bambora (limited in currency), we are looking for other methods of reimbursing employees and paying credit card balances. Is anyone using SAP for reimbursements? Or using other 3rd party vendors to facilitate reimbursements and credit card payments?


We use SAP and have employees Globally.


Thank you

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dear @Rman68 

I had used Concur with SAP as ERP system without using Expense pay and perform payments in 3 different ways...


- In the past (until 2010) we were using Ruesch International for doing all payments of expenses for employees, however I have checked and it seems that now is part of Western Union, so you might ask a prospect from them.


- OR, as in all cases there will be needed an integration between the SAE Payment file from Concur to SAP, have your IS/IT department involved to be able to create a "bridge" (not sure the technical name) to collect the details of the SAE file to transfer to SAP for payment. (I had it in 2017)


- OR you will need to create a report from Cognos, which will be than needed to manually, or automatically adjusted (if your excel file had set up formulas and macros it will be just a matter of Copy/Past Value details from the report to this table that you need to create within your Company) specific to your SAP payment structure where the AP department or Disbursement will have it to just approved (reference 2010) where we paid also credit cards on Individually Billed/centrally settled way.


Otherwise, maybe your Concur account Manager could be providing some suggestion on other platform they might have used with other clients to help you. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
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We had Concur Pay and switched to Bambora in 2019 as we were told we had to before the end of the year.  We are only using Concur Expense in North America so I did not have currency issues.  When it was presented to me, it was noted as a global payment system.  It did go smoothly as far as the transition.

Nancy Murray
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Hi - We use Bambora in Europe but have to switch from Expense Pay to Bambora for US and Canada.  We still need a solution for Mexico. Curious if anyone uses Western Union? Or if you moved from Expense Pay to reimbursing internally?