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Occasional Member - Level 3

Concur New User Interface

Has anyone else experienced issues with e receipts in the new user interface? Our e receipts are coming in as out of pocket expenses since they took away the icons. I am wondering if Concur could add a title of e receipt to the list of credit card and out of pocket options. Our users are confused and it has potential to cause unauthorized disbursements if the expense gets submitted as out of pocket.

Sue Westphal
Occasional Member - Level 1

Yes, we are experiencing the same.  Our users are accustomed to the icons to identify items showing in the available receipts listing.  We put in a ticket for this without much luck.  

Super User
Super User

Even we are experiencing the same with E-receipt. Our setup is we are feeding the E-receipt as 'Pending Card Transaction" and when the actual charge comes to buffer, then system will do a Smart Mapping and combine both E-receipt & Actual charge. The issue which we see is that the payment type "Pending  Card Transaction" itself if not visible in the UI. Even when we create an OOP transaction we used to  see the payment type "Pending Card transaction" in drop down(As we have setup default payment type as OOP & alternative payment type as "Pending card transaction"). After the NextGen UI update, we don't see the payment type "Pending card transaction" and due to which all the E-receipt are getting feed with the default payment type(OOP) in available expenses buffer.  Funny part in this is, we dont see any issue in our Test site, its only in Prod site.


I have reported this to Concur already via support case. I will keep this Forum posted if there is any response from Concur on this item.