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New Member - Level 1

Concur Expense

Hi , I have raised a concur expense for my relocation amount it has been approved by all the required people, however right now in concur windows status is showing returned. 


What does that mean till now i haven't got that amount.

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Routine Member - Level 3

dear @bharatbali 

I am not sure if is possible to edit the standard expense report status.. as we have:


- Not Submitted;

- Pending Approval (Approver name)

- Sent back to employee

- Approved and in Accounting Review;

- Approved.


Do you mean your expense report is now showing  "returned" instead of "Sent back to employee"? 

You could check on your audit trial the full history of your expense report. If you select and open your expense report, click on the higher tab "Details" scroll down menu to Audit Trial.



Contact your expense department to ask clarification as they can access your system (I can't) and will be able to address you with clarifications.


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager