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Concur Expense - where is the personal expense option?


At a recent hotel stay the property charged my corporate card on file despite me requesting they charge my personal card. The property has both cards on file as I stay there for business and pleasure. I cannot find the personal expense button in the latest desktop browser version of Concur Expense.

Thank You,


Super User
Super User

SC1, the Hotel Expense Type  does not have the personal charge check box at the Details expense level, but at the Itemizations level.  Assuming you are required to itemize your hotel charges, go to the itemization tab, select the 
first box (this will select all boxes) then "More Actions" and Edit.  You will get a pop up window to Edit Itemizations.  Change the Personal Expense from "NO" to "YES", "Next", then save the entry.  Now when you look at your expense report the "Requested Amount" for that expense line is .00.


Note that if the charge appears on a company paid credit card, this will PREVENT your company/Concur from paying the credit card company for this expense line.

Super User
Super User

If you have the ability to change the expense type to something that does not need itemization, such as a Miscellaneous travel type, then the personal button is available readily and no add'l work is needed.  A comment should be added that the hotel charged the wrong card.  Again as above, this works best if the expense is not a company paid charge.

Nancy Murray