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Concur Expense - been logged out - the complete expense tab disappeared

Since this Morning, when I tried to log in I got a strange message telling me that my free trial has expired?!? (I am an expense customer since 2018)  the complete Expense tab disappeared from my portal.

I have tried to get support on the phone and by email but the feedback I am receiving is that my account belong to digital success and therefore my help options are reduced to be reading the Training toolkit or going to seek help with the SAP Concur community. 


So here I am, I have to say that I am speechless with the complete lack of support and/or urgency from Concur. Does anybody have any recommendation at this point?

I have users in the field that are unable to use the tool and I thing you would expect to get that kind of issues resolve in a matter of hours.

Thank you for your help.


PS I have checked with my accounting dept and we are up to date with our billing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@thierryfon I have to say this is a very strange situation. Not one I've come across before. 


So, my recommendation would be to reach out to your SAP Concur Client Success Manager as they should be able to look into this and get an answer for you. 


Would you mind providing your Company name? I'd at least like to take a look at your site. Maybe send me a private message with this information and if you wouldn't mind providing me your SAP Concur login username. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin

Thank you for your message.

This is actually another thing that I don't undertsand. I am continously tell to reach my Account Manager on one end and then told that because I have enrolled in Digital success, we don't have an account Manager...


I have called your service support number, I have raised a ticket in the support portal that I have finally be able to access by login in through the travel protal, but still nothing.

I know we are a small business and probably start a the bottom of the pile, but this is really frustrating.


I'll send you a separate message with the company details.

Thank you and best regards

Thank you and best regards