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Occasional Member - Level 1

Concur Expense app is failing to satisfy user needs, should be more user centric.

Recently, I've been victimized by Concur Expense app. and lost claim due to confusing user interaction.

If user uploads the documents then it should prompt the user to submit the claim. Also, if user uploads documents then it should automatically save the data and not to wait for saving it explicitly.

Also, the app design is unnecessarily occupied major workable area of the view port which is not at useful. Responsiveness is missing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Abhay you make a couple of valid points, however prompting to submit the claim would then go agains the idea of being able to work on your expense report over a period of time and would require a user to submit before they may have incurred other expense that month. 


Also, an expense claim cannot be lost or deleted unless the user manually takes the step to delete the claim. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks Kevin for your reply.

Let me elaborate my concerns further...
1) At very first time when we enter details against the claim and upload required documents, then it should not ask to save the uploaded docs while submitting the claim because that is assumed if you attach it got saved.
2) Well, when I missed to save the uploaded doc and directly submitted the claim, I got back query to upload the docs from admin. Here, I was blank and didn't get what to do, because if already I've attached the docs then why the query had been raised again.
3) Anyways.. Let's assume that saving action is must after uploading the attachments. Then the 'Submit' claim button should be nearby to 'Save' action and not far away from the action panel. User cannot relate the action sequence that after attaching docs the submit process is necessary so that it a triggers email to admin.

4) In my case same thing happened, after attaching the docs (twice) there were no such hint mentioned what to do next.
5) So, simply if proper hints are provided after each action then that would be really helpful to the user (a guided approach through design). Also, for some users the frequency to visit this app is rare or minimal, so to recall and remembering all the past actions while submitting new claim is little bit hard rather that should be self explanatory and intuitive.



Hope this would help.