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Concur Expense - SAP and Vertex

Hi Everyone - we are currently implementing Concur Expense. We are in Canada and a retail company and therefore have complicated VAT and reclaim tax rules. We currently have Vertex installed and active on most of our postings. I'm wondering if anyone has modified the native integration to allow for tax validation by Vertex or if in most cases, the native integration is used and Vertex is bypassed. Your feedback is appreciated! 

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I am interested in knowing more as well. We are currently in the process of moving to the SAP ICS solution. Canada is indeed a complex market to setup VAT. As the India GST solution is also along the same lines, the learnings from Canada would extend there as well. Hopefully, someone can share their observations and findings.

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SAP Concur and SAP FICO Implementation Functional Consultant
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Hi - We have Canada employees and use the SAP connector to post their expense reports.  We do not use Vertex for expense reports but I'm interested to know how your implementation went and what you decided to do.  We just went live with our Canada team in August and had to get creative with our tax configurations so that they would post correctly in SAP.  I am currently testing some new support packs for the connector and the tax issues keep popping up.  I know there are a few other conversations on this topic but I haven't seen a winning solution yet.



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Hello Jen:

Could you share the work around you implemented to avoid Vertex for posting Canada expense reports with out any tax error.

Thank you.




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Do you have this document published by SAP Concur:

Tax configuration for the SAP Integration with Concur Solutions

Use case description

If not, I would suggest requesting a copy from SAP.


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Hi Raj,


Just wondering if you recieved any comments/suggestions on your request? 

Thank you,




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Hi Jen,


We too are in the process of implementing Concur, our USD set up is posting to SAP just fine. Canada is a completely different issue. We have yet to post one successful expense report. Did your Canada implementation get completed and how did you get around the failed postings due to Tax-reclaim, we are at the point where we will just figure it out manually any wisdom to share?




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We are in the process of implementing Concur and using the native connector ICS.  We are having issues with posting Canada Tax into SAP ( We have Vertex too)  and was looking into the forum for some details.  I see that most of them have similar questions that we do.  Can any of you share how you ended up configuring the tax settings.  Appreciate your feedback!

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This thread is really old, but we are looking to implement Vertex. I would love to hear from anyone about their Vertex experience!

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Same topic here: Concur used in Canada, Vertex used in our ERP system. How to combine both worlds? Any experiences?