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Concur Expense Details Do Not Import into QuickBooks Acct Payable

Our employees use Concur to generate their expense reports.  All of their expense items are charged to a standard set of Expense Types.  As the senior manager of our small company, I use Concur to approve and import those expenses into QuickBooks.


It appears that all of the expenses import to QuickBooks Acct Payable, but not all of the expense details (Expense types) are showing up in Quickbooks.  As a result, QuickBooks just reflects a charge to Accounts Payable and all of the detailed charges to the individual account codes does not transfer over.  I am loathe to go back and re-enter all of the account detail manually on all of the expense reports.


Is there a setting or something that I might be missing in our setup that is not allowing all of this detail to import into QuickBooks?