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Concur Expense Category issue

Hello, I have an airfare expense that I booked and paid for with my company card, but it is showing up in my available expenses as "out of pocket" I don't see any way to change this to Amex, and upon completion of the expense report, the out of pocket expense is showing as being reimbursed to me versus going to the company AMEX payment. I'd rather avoid having Concur reimburse me and then have to pay AMEX.

Any help would be appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rob_14 Hello there. I took look at your account and found the issue. Keep in mind, I'm only relaying what I saw. Apparently, you deleted this airfare expense along with two other company card expenses, that is why you do not see it in your account.


So, do not submit that report. You need your card administrator to release those three transactions so you can add them to your report. Once they are released, you can delete the out of pocket entry and add the AMEX charge for airfare.


If you sign in to your account, you will see a Company Notes section on the home screen. Click Read more. You will see a link to submit a ServiceNow ticket so you can get those transactions released.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks for the reply!  I have entered a ticket  (FIN0123027), requesting exactly what you suggested.  Hoping they can release the charged that I mistakenly deleted.




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It appears that you are having an issue with Concur Expense Categories. To address this, consider contacting Concur support or your organization's system administrator. Providing clear details about the situation will speed up the resolution process. They can provide specialized advice to remedy the spending category issue you're experiencing.