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Concur Expense Analysis Details Report - change currency

Concur Expense Analysis Details Report. When I run these reports and export to Excel it doesn't produce it in GBP , seems to be USD and no option to change the currency. Is this possible, seems quite a standard expectation to run in the default currency/location.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@dcruickshanks the way the standard report is built is based on the Approved Amount (rpt) data item, which is the Reporting Currency. By default, reporting currency is in USD. The reason for this is because the report needs to work for companies that have employees around the world and if all currencies are included, the bottom line number of this report will be very skewed as some countries have really high exchange rates. So, if you look at the total spend of a company, let's say in a one month period, and some of the amounts on the expense reports are in the currency of the employee, then when the total at the bottom of the report displays, it just adds up the numbers, not taking into account exchange rates. When you convert all amounts into one currency, you get a more accurate total. 


Now, I do understand that for companies that all their employees in one country, you would benefit from having the currency in your local currency. You can submit a support ticket to have your default reporting currency for Cognos switched to your local currency. That way, in your case, you will see the total of this report in GBP. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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