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Concur Drive on the mobile app

We just recently created a hardstop rule for employees not to be able to submit personal car mileage without using the Concur Drive Mobile app. One of the questions from an employee around this app is,


" Some of us drive in places that might not have strong internet and drive through dead zones that I would think could cause some issues with tracking.  Is there any type of back up approval in place if something like this happens? "


Has anyone experienced issues with tracking? If this does happen how does Drive figure out the route?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jmeeks25 maybe I can offer an alternative since you don't want employees getting short changed on their mileage reimbursement. 


Have you considered requiring the Mileage Calculator option instead? This will alleviate the issue of Drive not tracking mileage in low or no coverage areas. 


If Drive doesn't catch some of the employee's distance, then the employee is going to most likely have to calculate their mileage somehow using Google Maps (or something similar). Then it becomes more work for everyone because since the employee wasn't able to get accurate mileage distance from Drive, they now have to figure out how to get correctly reimbursed, which most likely means reaching out to their manager or the SAP Concur site administrator to see what the proper procedure will be. 


If you just let the employees use the built in Mileage Calculator on the expense report, the employees just enter their starting and ending location and the calculator does the rest. Making this required then forces the employees to get the distance from what the calculator returns. If they change the distance manaully after using the calculator, I believe the system will flag the expense with a red exception. Although, their might be an audit rule that has to be activated for this. 


Anyway, just thought I would throw this idea your way and give you something to think about. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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