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Concur Deduct Commute Tick Box

Hi, the Tick Box usually retains the Home and Base post codes, in order to be auto filled for future claims, this seems to have stopped functioning and users are now having to populate these two fields i.e Home and Base each time, is this somewhere in the settings or admin settings to allow it to retain the info for future claims

Community Manager
Community Manager

@CHILL this has been an issue I've seen lately. 


Unfortunately, there isn't a setting in SAP Concur for this. The reason being is that the Mileage Calculator is powered by Google, it is not an SAP Concur created feature. The only thing that I have seen someone do that worked for them (not a guaranteed fix), is to have your site administrator go to each of the users' profiles and delete the home address they have listed there, then save. The admin should wait 72 hours, then re-add the home address back to the profiles. This has worked for at least one other person, but I cannot promise it works for everyone. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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We are still looking for a solution at the moment