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Completing expenses

Hi, I have 26 outstanding expenses I require help with inputting today and wondered if someone could help. I've continually tried to submit them only to receive multiple errors, invoices are over 30 days etc and it's just turned into a cycle of errors that I cannot sort. I also need help with invoices being paid to my personal account and also my business AMEX. I've now received an additional charge from AMEX because these expenses are outstanding for the last 60 days. Any help and advice ASAP would be appreciated, thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JezBarr I can assist you. I looked at the outstanding card charges and added them to a report to see the error messages. I didn't see any error message that are unclear. The messages tell you what information is missing. Things about selecting the appropriate receipt status and some missing information for a couple of required fields. It shouldn't be anything different from the two expense reports you currently have submitted. 


I suggest creating a report, adding these outstanding expenses, filling out all the required fields based on the red exception messages, then trying to submit. Be sure to include all receipts where required. 


If you try to submit and receive an error, please take a screenshot of the error and post it here in this thread. Be sure to tag me by adding @KevinD to your post. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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