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Company Card Payment Expense


A few days ago I purchased an office supply with the goal of using the $300 reimbursement. I did not like the item and so I returned it and bought another thing. On my card in the app, the return was processed and I no longer owe the money however on SAP Expense, the first transaction is showing up as an expense I need to concur soon. Will this go away soon or do I need to delete it? Will it affect my card with the company in any way?

Additionally, the later item I bought was a little over $300. Do I need to enter the full amount in the expense report or just the $300 that I should be reimbursed with? 

Appreciate any sort of guidance! Thanks!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@KJ_S Let me ask you, do you see an expense for the amount of the original purchase and the same amount but negative? Meaning the vendor credited you back the original amount? If so, you need to add both of the expenses to the same report. They will zero each other out. Charges on your card that appear in SAP Concur do not go away. They need to be added to an expense report and submitted. 


Let me know if this answers your question. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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