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Company Bill Statements - restricting submission for a certain # of days after statement closes

Hi - CBS allows to restrict expense report submission to prevent reports from being submitted for a certain # of days after the statement closes.  I am just wondering if there is a best practice.  2 days?  3 days?


Any input and/or expieriences is appreciated.




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We started with 3 days (years ago), and now are down to a one day delay, but we require the user to attach a copy of the statement and make sure all charges have uploaded on the expense report.


The good thing about the delayed submission, is to make sure all the charges have imported as they can take up to 3 business days.  Some merchants don't send charges in nightly and also if there is a transaction on the last day, it can result in someone submitting a report too early.  Concur will create (if you have auto-create set up) another expense report if another charge comes in, but the user may not see this if not expecting it to be on the current statement.  Another reason why our users are to download, attach and make sure the statement balance equals the total expense report.


We've been using CBS for around 8 years.

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Thanks so much!  I definately understand the reasoing behind this and I appreicate your input.    I am trying to decide between 2 days and 3 days, so going with 2 and possibly attaching the statement, that might be th way to go.  Do your employees just attach the statement to any line item of their choice?  Thanks again!!!