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Collective Agreements Austria

Hi guys, 


Can anyone indicate a resource where to start documenting for a collective agreement implementation in Austria?

Many thanks!

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@Adriana - We are just now working on implementing Austria on Concur expense. I am assuming, given your post was last July, that you might have already implemented. Please let me know. If you have, I would like to ask a few questions on how things were handled.

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Hi @leela2516  -


We are in the process of implementing Austria.  Our current struggle is the Travel Allowance piece.  We had to implement Time Bands, which has helped to calculate the rate correctly but Austria says there is still another piece that needs to be accounted for, due to the labor agreements.  Did you implement Travel Allowance with Time Bands?

Hi @melaniebak - It is still in process. We had a problem getting the Time Bands to work for the first/last day of travel and with the 24 hour day. Once we got that to work, then it broke the travel allowance for foreign travel. We opened a case with Concur on 2/8/2022 and it is still open. We finally met with a consultant who agreed to work with us and if they could get it to work, we agreed to pay them for the consulting hours. They did come back with a fix (we do not know what the fix is). It is much closer but still has an issue for a single day travel to a foreign country (for example Vienna to Prague and back in a 13 hour day). The system appropriately calculated 9 hours for Prague and provided 2/3 of the Prague daily allowance, however, the 4 hours back in Vienna provide 0 allowance because it was less than the 5 hours minimum when actually it should have looked at the travel as a full 13 hours and therefore should provide a full day allowance (2/3 for Prague and the remaining 1/3 for Austria).  Please let me know if you would like to further connect and I can send you my contact info via a private message.

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Yes, if you wouldn't mind sending a private message.  I can share what ours is doing, it seems a bit different than yours but maybe it's just in the way they explained it to us.