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Cognos report tying travel request to expense?

Hi all,

I've recently had a request from one of our executive team members for a report that will show a line by line comparison between the travel request and the actual expense report submitted. Is there a standard Cognos report for this, and if not, has anyone had any experience developing such a report? I've played around in Intelligence and was able to join two queries, but it wasn't returning proper values (probably because I'm a rank amateur and cardinality caused my mind to melt down). Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@aknudsen I haven't tried this myself, but what I can say is that the Travel Request usually only has Air, Car and Hotel listed and maybe meals. However, a traveler could incur several other expenses on their trip that might not have been indicated on the Request. Having a line by line comparison would be difficult unless all employees are entering every single expected expense on the Request and then actually having incurred those expenses while they traveled.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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