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Cognos Report - Display Report Automatically Approved and sent for payment

Hi Team,


I need to find a way to generate a report which shows the expense reports which have been automatically approved and sent for payment.


Looking through the filters I do not find a way to distinguis between approved and automatically approved.


Many thanks for any hint!



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Adriana Hello there. I'll give you a little hint that may help. Think of the approval step as being carried out by someone, even if that someone is the System. 


So, in the data warehouse there is an area called Expense Report Workflow Trail (Expense>Expense Reports>Expense Report Workflow Trail). In here you will see a data item called Step. This will show all your workflow steps. You can then add Employee Assigned to Step. With this you can see those steps assigned to System, Concur. You will just need to add the other data items you want, filter the Step data item for the approval step being carried about by System, Concur and by some employees. The Employee Assigned to Step will let you know if it was system approved or approved by a person. 


I think this should do it. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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