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Claiming fuel for business purposes

Hey how's it going I had a question about claiming KM's.


Obviously there is a certain threshold of how much you can claim over. E.g. "If I drive 0.1km for instance, putting a claim through that I wont get anything, which is understandable, now here is the catch. What If I have done that trip multiple times, and I've used half of my own personal tank.

How do I go about claiming that?


Am I allowed to put it all in one trip, even knowing it was over multiple days, I can only do one day otherwise it won't add up. So let's say I put it all in one day. Can I claim it that way? E.g. Going to the grocery store back and fourth from work. Am I allowed to add that on the Mileage calculator?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@berkergp unless your company has implemented a rule that requires you to use the mileage calculator, you can manually enter the number of KMs into the Distance field. I say that because if you have several really short trips (like .1km) it wouldn't be very efficient to enter them all in separately, so I would combine them into one entry. 


However, there is one big caveat to this, you should really get approval to combine several short mileage expenses into one entry. I would speak to your direct manager about this to see if they will allow you to do it this way. You could always use the Comment field to enter in the number of days the mileage is covering. This is just a suggestion and should be run by your manager. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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