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City where expense occurred is not in drop down list, no opportunity to add

When entering an expense, my company requires City where expense occurred to be entered. Often, the city is not in the drop down list and there is no opportunity to enter the correct city. Not wanting to enter the incorrect information on my expense report, I then have to add a city, I chose Key West, FL (where I unfortunately will never go for business) as the required city, then add the correct city which matches the address on the receipt in the comment section with an explanation. One recent example of a city not on the list is Waterfall, PA. , I literally have 20+ more examples of the same problem. 

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Super User

Hi Rick, the list is usually maintained by your Company Concur Admin, so reach out to them first. They can contact support if they do not have access.


The reason users cannot maintain the list is there is a "global" location ID that also must be attached.