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Cities missing from 'Create Itinerary'???

BLUF: Jerusalem (Israel) is missing from Concur when employees attempt to create an itinerary for the purpose of expense reporting, as is Lome (Togo).


I have several employees who travel 90% of the time, often to very remote/uncommon destinations.  I just had two individuals return after spending 10 weeks in Israel.  During that time, they worked in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  When they attempt to create an itinerary in Concur (for the purpose of submitting expense reports - we do not book travel through Concur, we only submit expenses, therefore we have to create an itinerary for each expense), Jerusalem does not appear in the available cities list.  Neither does Lome.  We have tried typing/searching a few different ways and we can't find it.  Obviously this is keeping people from submitting expenses and getting paid in a timely manner.  I've submitted a trouble ticket through my company help desk but no one seems to know how to resolve this issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MAL1 I went in and tried to recreate your issue, but I was able to find both Jerusalem and Lome. See my screenshots below. Can you provide some screenshots of your attempt to search for and enter these cities, please?





Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I'm not the original poster, but I'm having this issue as well.