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Changing expense approver - transfer of expense report



Does an already submitted  expense report automaticaly update the approver  if we change the approver in the user profil ? Or does the user have to recall the report and resubmit it? Is there a better way to do it ?


Thanks you 🙂

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dear @TechMasterGuyl 

As far as I am aware, not, there isn't any automatic upload on the expense which is already submitted.

You should immagine that once an expense report is submitted, is like taking a picture, and the system act based on the settings on that moment, so if something was changed afterward on the user profile approver, the old expense report stay on the initial queue.

You could re-call the expense back to the employee and resubmit, in that case the expense will route to the new approver.


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari