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Changing Bank Info

How do I change my bank account info in Concur? I don't have this "Bank Information" section in my Concur




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You should reach out to your company's Concur Administrator, a few companies set this up internally, but that is rare.  So something may be amiss in your Profile or the Company Settings.  Your Expense Group assignment may affect this if you are assigned to a group, for say, company credit cards, that are paid direct to the card company so no reimbursement to employees.  But your Company Admin should be able to help you.

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Hi @kmn031 ,


Most big companies will not pay from Concur. Instead, the information for approved claims will flow to the ERP system and payments will be made from there. The bank information maintained for you will either flow from HR systems or maintained manually. As suggested by @dlamont , your best bet is to connect internally to your company's support team to understand what is the case for you and what needs to be done.

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Community Manager

@kmn031 normally I would have something to add, but @rohanpatil and @dlamont pretty much covered everything I would have said. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
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