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Change username / login


My name has been legally changed so I need to change my login to Concur. It has been changed in my organisations active directory but it does not work with Concur, I thought it was single sign on and would just change. 


How do I get it changed in Concur and if I submit a claim in my old login name will it still get processed.

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You will need to contact your company's Concur Administrator to update the name in your profile. 


It has been my experience that some companies programs do not transfer changes like a name change into your profile. Also, if your email changed too due to the name change, confirm with the Concur Administrator you login and email address is correct in your Concur profile. 


The Concur administrator may update your profile manually. 


I hope this helps. 



Maria Steen
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Our HR feed updates the names when they are processed, but sometimes the name misses being populated.  An Admin can access your profile and update your information.  However, I don't do this without HR verification that the change was made with them.

Nancy Murray