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Cannot change Payment Type on Imported Expenses

I use my corporate card for airfare and hotel payment, and Concur successfully imports those transactions into Available Expenses. However, when I import the Available Expenses into my expense report, it shows up as "Cash - Out of Pocket" under "Payment Type" and there is no way to change it to the "AMEX - Corporate Card". My company requires us to use our corporate cards to book travel and accommodation.


So, does anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it? 


It would be greatly appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mischaman so, when these items first appear in your Available Expenses they are what we refer to as Itinerary items. The items you book using Concur Travel feed over to Concur Expense for you to eventually add to an expense report. However, since these items come in before you travel, you haven't yet paid for them, except for airfare. This usually gets charged the same day you book, but the corporate card charge still takes about three business days to appear in your Available Expenses. When the corporate card charge for a Concur Travel booked item comes into your Available Expenses, it will match to the itinerary item as long as you haven't added the itinerary item to an expense report. 


So, here is my helpful Concur Expense tip of the day: When you book your travel and you see Airfare, Hotel, and/or Car Rental items sitting in your Available Expenses do the following...Wait, do not do anything with them. You want to wait for the corporate card charge to feed into your Available Expenses and get matched to the item. Once matched, you will see the corporate card payment type. 


Right now with these items on your report, the payment type defaults to out of pocket because they are not matched to their corporate card charge. Once matched, the system will automatically apply the corporate card payment type. 


There is another alternative...if you don't like the items just sitting there...most companies allow them to be deleted. So, you can do that as well. Don't worry, if they have been matched to a corporate card charge already and you try to delete, the system won't let you, unless your company has allowed deletion of corporate card charges, which most companies do not. 


I hope this helps. For now, I would just delete the items off your report. Do you know if the corporate card charges have come into your Available Expenses yet? Have you maybe added the card charges to a report already?


What will help you out is 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin,


For example, the airfare charge came into my Available Expenses, and then I added it to a report, but it still had the "Cash - Out of Pocket" payment type. So I deleted it off my report and it is just sitting in my Available Expenses at the moment.