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Occasional Member - Level 2

Cancelled Billable Airfare


I am looking for best practices on how to handle non-refundable billable airfare tickets that are subsequently cancelled for any reason. Given the credit is applied to the associate's next future booking (which might not be associated with the same client), how do you instruct associates to handle the original expense? Does your company absorb the cost? Bill it to the client? Reconcile the credit between the clients? Does it depend on each contract? 


Thanks in advance!

New Member - Level 1

We have the same issue.  This is an expense that has to be submitted, but will not be directed to a client.  We usually hold off submitting the the expense, paying late fees, until other billable expenses come in to equal that amount.  For the expense report, we need to input a negative balance to make the expense report whole.    I would appreciate any suggestions.