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Canada-based employee expense reports -- SAP Integration

Looking for others who have employees based in Canada and use the SAP integration to post expense reports to SAP.  We're having a few challenges with the tax configuration and would like to hear what others have done.

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We went live about a year ago with CONCUR native integration with SAP ECC6. Our headquarters are in Canada. Most of our travelers are based in Canada. We have other country templates but Canadian taxes were by far the most challenging part of the project. It took a lot of creativity and lots of back and forth with SAP support as we use external tax engine on top of ECC6 as well. I have a lot of tips and tricks on this subject. We needed new tax codes in ECC6 in some scenarios and lot of new groups in different tax authorities in Concur.

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I would love to hear more of your challenges and how you resolved them. We are a global company trying to implement the US and Canada currently. We are behind in our implementation due to our inability to post Canada reports due to the tax codes and tax reclaim. We need to get HonKong, China, Germany the UK and Mexico bulit in yet but am very concerned regarding the ability of SAP to lead on this issue.



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We're working on our Canadian Tax config now and have encountered issues.  I too would like to understand more details around your problem and resolution.  We're in the process of engaging SAP now to get to a solution but if you've already got one, it would speed things along.


I have to also add that we believe at least part of our problem is the way we've configured things 14+ years ago.

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Hi Anton, how are you?


We are implementing Concur in Canada and having some issues with the taxes integration.

Do you think it will be possible to have a quick call with you to ask you some questions?

Mi email is, it will be really great if you can contact us.


Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Lucía Muniagurria

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Se have been live in Canada for 3 years now and things are running smooth from our configuration.  WE too are a global company in the US, CA, 20+ EMEA countries, APAC and LATAM.  WE resolved our Canada tax issues by creating tax authorities for each of the state/territory and we utilized the extraction factor option along with the percentage selection from within the tax form and based our conditions off of those details.  The Tax Codes were those that were already setup in our SAP ECC enviroment 

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
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Hi Thomas

We are in the process of implementing Concur for Canada and have run into some issues with tax - was hoping to get some insight on how you have implemented the same.


Appreciate your response


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Hi Vijaya,


We implemented Concur in Canada in January and it's working perfect.


Some months ago I sent another person detailed information about the configurations we made, so if you want please share with me your email and I can send you the information!

Hope it helps,



Hi, my name is Paul. My company is a global company and we've just implemented Concur expense for US/UK/FR and SP. Canada is part of our phase 2 and I'm concerned about the tax rules because all I hear is that the tax piece with Canada is a nightmare. We will be using Expense pay for the Canadian employees and not keeping the employee profiles in SAP. 


Can someone please contact me with some feedback on what we would need as far as tax config. Would we need tax config in SAP if we are going this route? Our Concur data would post straight to the GL in SAP.


Is there someone I may be able to contact about this who's gone through it already? We go live in November. thanks!

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Would you be able to send me the information on the configurations you made for your Canadian implentation of Concur?

I appreciate the help,



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We implemented SAP Concur for the US and Canada on December 15.  Our expense reports for Canada will not post due to the tax reclaim and tax code.  Would you be willing to share your configuration with our company too?  It is 2 weeks after implementation and we do not have a working solution yet so this is quite urgent.  Any help that you could provide us would be greatly appreciated. 


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Would you please share your information with our company too?  We went live with SAP Concur using ECC 6.  We cannot post expense reports for our Canadian employees due to an issue with the tax code / tax reclaim amounts.  If you would be willing to share your information with me, please let me know and I will provide my email address.


Thank you!


We did the exact same thing. 

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My company is in the midst of implementing Concur for Canada and am encountering some tax issues.

One of the issues relate to error on check customizing of tax code in CA.

I would like to know if ECC6 checks the tax code/tax %/condition type from the JSON file(from Concur tax configuration) and matches against ECC6 tax code setting and determined this error message.


What other possible issues can be the cause for this error message?



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Super User

Hi! We have Concur in Canada. What type of issues are you experiencing?