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Canada VAT - Expense reports vs CBS reports; Factor method vs. Exact

Hello all - Our Canada subsidiary has used Concur Expense since our global instance debuted in 2016. Their VAT (GST/HST) is configured to use the factor method, as this is allowable for transactions where there is some employee liability. We are implementing a CBS program which is CBCP - completely corporate liability. Their tax experts say this rules out the factor method; the exact method must be used. For expense types that will exist solely in the CBS world, we can set up new reclaim groups to record the tax. But I have a few questions, and would appreciate any advice from those more Canada VAT configuration literate than I.

1. RIght now, expense types shared between Expense and CBS will need to have the exact method calculated outside Concur, as an expense type can't belong to two reclaim groups. Creating more expense types (i.e. Airfare and 'PCard Airfare') is not a choice. Can you think of other ways to do this?

2. Expense types in the exact method reclaim group may include transactions where one transaction imports, but that transaction reflects more than one item - a WalMart or Costco order would be an example.  Itemizing the transaction does not seem to allow different VAT treatment for each itemization. Can we enable that, or can you think of another idea?

3. Any other thoughts on factor vs exact as it applies to expenses?


Many thanks,