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Occasional Member - Level 2

Can't delete an e-receipt.


I have an expense item in my concur that I have already submitted the expense for, have had the report processed, expense paid out on, and then the e-receipt showed up.


I cannot delete this e-receipt



I get a fault when I attempt to move it to a report



I have spoken with my company Concur administrator and she cannot delete or hide this receipt. 


I tried to look for *any* kind of customer support on the SAP/Concur portal, but it literally sends you in circles asking you to log in, then help, then log in, then help again. I cannot find a chat for support or a phone number to call.


Can anyone help me figure this out?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Eric4x4 ask your site admin if she would temporarily turn on the setting that allows you to delete e-receipts. That will probably be the quickest way to get rid of it.


I'm not sure why the error occurs when you try adding to a report, so instead of trying to get that to work, allowing the deletion of e-receipts will be much faster. Once you have it deleted, your site admin can then change the setting back.


Now, just in case, I've provided a screenshot if your site admin isn't sure where to find the setting. 🙂




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks for the response, Kevin. The issues is, the site admin cannot delete the receipt.  If she cannot delete the receipt, how would she be able to give me permission to do something she cannot do?