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Can't clear error "You have an e-receipt or travel data, but no matching credit card transaction."

Full error: "You have an e-receipt or travel data, but no matching credit card transaction. Please wait until your credit card transaction imports into Concur Expense to add this e-receipt." I had to pay via personal card because I didn't HAVE a corporate card at the time the expenses were incurred. However, I cannot now submit the expense report for review without clearing the error first. How am I supposed to do this?

Occasional Member - Level 3

We have pending transactions, reservations and e- receipts that come into employee accounts but either duplicate so there is no matching credit card transaction or were charged to a personal card or because the travel changed from the original plan. I have the users or admins change the payment type to cash and if they're able to $0 out the amount this will let us clear the transactions from the dashboards, if the amount cannot be changed to $0 we mark it as personal so there is no reimbursement due to the employee. 


In your case it sounds like you should be able to change the payment type to Cash since it was a personal card and process the report through so you receive the reimbursement. 

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All of the payment types are already listed as Cash.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@phambly these are your travel itinerary items. Your company has made a rule that says if you book your travel using Concur Travel, your travel itinerary items must be matched to a company credit card transaction. In your case, you didn't use your company card so there won't be a match to these travel itinerary items. What you'll need to do is delete these items off your report and then create new expense entries on the report for these items. We call this creating manual or out of pocket expenses. You will need to get copies of the receipts for these entries. If any of the travel itinerary items have e-receipts with them, you can screenshot the e-receipt, save that screenshot image on your computer, then attach that image to the corresponding entry.


Give this a try and let me know if you have any issues.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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